Television column portrait

I had a chance to do some good old traditional studio photography the other day. Nothing fancy, just two lights, a backdrop and a subject. We were launching a new television column/blog by reporter Matt Collette, and we needed an image. (And actually we need it today, right now if possible.) The rest of the […]

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DUI Patrol Ride-along

Last weekend, I spent an eight-hour shift riding with the Connecticut State Police on one of their DUI enforcement patrols. There have been several DUI-related accidents in the news recently in the area of routes 2A and 395 in Montville. We originally conceived this as a video project, but had to scrap that plan and […]

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New London 27, Montville 13

The rematch between Montville and New London in the state semi-finals didn’t quite live up to the original. It was a sloppy game with many fumbles and interceptions. I did have the chance to shoot a quick panorama during the pregame handshakes and coin toss, and still shot the whole game on video. It was […]

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