Molly: Submarine Base Working Dog

This was a nice story that turned out to be a little tough to shoot. Molly is a ten-year-old springer spaniel who is a working dog at the submarine base in Groton. I wanted to get an up-close view of Molly’s training session, but my proximity would distract her and interfere with the test. The […]

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Dogs Get Their Own Page

In addition to all the fun I get to have with digital video and still cameras, audio recorders, and powerful computers with large HD monitors, I also get to write about my dogs. Hey, text as a medium falls under the umbrella of “multimedia journalism” doesn’t it? My writing appears as a blog on, […]

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A New Enemy

For a friendly, good-natured dog, Remy has built up a surprisingly long list of enemies in her four-plus years with us. The list has grown to include cats, squirrels, the lawn mower, garbage cans, recycling bins, kids across the street playing basketball, mail carriers, pizza delivery guys, the garbage truck, car alarms, car doors, trick-or-treaters, […]

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A Coat of Several Colors

Is there another breed of dog besides Labrador retrievers that is so often identified with the color of its coat? Whenever I mention that I own two Labs, invariably, the first question is “What color are they?” Everyone wants to know are they black, yellow, or chocolate? This never came up during my childhood. No […]

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Scent of a Wet Dog

I share a lot of things with my dogs: a love of outdoor activities, space on the couch… One thing we don’t share, however, is a constantly sunny outlook. Take this morning, for example. My a.m. routine recently has consisted of a two-to-three-mile solo run followed by a one-mile walk with the dogs. They eagerly […]

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Bed is where the dog is

As I’m sitting down to write this, Remy is spinning around in her dog bed violently pawing at the ground. Just when I think she’s going to claw right through to the floor, she turns two more circles and collapses in a huff. We have five dog beds in our house and I’ve seen both […]

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Birthday Trauma

Monday should have been a great day. It was Labor Day, a day off from work with classic end-of-summer weather. It was also my 30th birthday, and we had tickets for the right field roof at Fenway Park. But Monday turned out to be an awful day for my wife, Jen, and our dog Remy. […]

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Machine vs. Beast

We recently returned from a ten-day vacation, and my excitement at being reunited with the dogs was slightly tempered by the rainforest that had overtaken my back yard. Surprisingly, in my absence, no Good Samaritan had spontaneously decided to push their mower up and down the overgrown hillside behind my house. The dogs, who treat […]

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