Harvard-Yale rowing: a long tradition on the Thames

For a series our newsroom is producing on the Thames River, reporter Jenna Cho proposed a story about the unique circumstances surrounding the annual regatta between Harvard and Yale. Both teams have camps in Gales Ferry where they train for ten days before the four-mile race. Both teams have been using the same facilities for over 100 years, so there is quite a bit of history and tradition surrounding their annual stays at The Ferry and Red Top.




One thought on “Harvard-Yale rowing: a long tradition on the Thames

  1. Peter: I really enjoyed this piece and have spent some quality time watching many of your other pieces as well. Bravo!

    Consistently high quality, great stories, super command of technique, audio, and editing….something to aim at for us old still guys trying to make the transition to video storytelling. You’ve got a fan down here in Philly. Keep up the great work! Bob Krist

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