Picking up the pieces in Haiti

Reporter Karin Crompton and photographer Tim Martin spent a week in Haiti with a local ministry group that had a mission house on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. They returned with several hours of video shot by Karin, and thousands of photos shot by Tim. They gave me a selection of their best stuff, and I worked with Karin to craft a narrative before getting down to the business of editing. I’ve never been sure if it’s easier for me to edit my own work, or someone else’s. I think in this case, it took longer to get going, because I wasn’t familiar with all the raw material or the story line. I spoke with Karin and Tim at length, before putting together a basic outline and writing some rough narration. A lot of the video was shaky, but a tripod wasn’t really a good option. Karin and Tim had to carry everything with them at all times, so more gear would have been a hassle. Despite the shakiness, I think the video footage has an immediacy to it, giving the viewer the experience of being there. Tim’s photos round out the video with moments that were better captured as a still.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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