Replacing Brightcove

Brightcove,  the video host we had been using at The Day, recently announced that they would be cancelling their free service. This left us with the choice between upgrading to their paid service, or having our account terminated on December 17.  We decided to look for an alternative, and settled on a hosting company called Castfire. This meant that I wouldn’t be out shooting much, as all of our video content needed to be moved over to Castfire. I spent the last week re-compressing a year and a half worth of videos, uploading them via FTP, and re-entering headline, author and description information for all of the videos. Then there was the issue of a player. Castfire provides a basic playlist player, but I ended up setting up our own player using the JW FLV player form Longtail Video. I’ll probably make a few more adjustments to the design of the player in the future, but for now I have two more days to finish up some pending projects before vacation.

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