Snow Day (time lapse)

After standing outside in the pouring rain last night at a girls lacrosse game, I woke up to snow on the ground. On April 16. I had the opposite feeling back in the winter when snowpacalypse was forecast for something like the seventh time. I set up a GoPro in the front yard to capture a time lapse of the impending blizzard. What we got instead was a glorified dusting with temps in the teens. Without a specific weather story to pursue, I took the time lapse concept on the road throughout the day and put together this video.

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On Board an Ice Breaker

Twenty five degrees, snow turning to sleet turning to rain. Perfect day for a cruise on the Connecticut River! The Coast Guard cutter Bollard is charged with keeping the river clear for commerical boat traffic throughout the winter. The crew took me along for a ride today. The cold was no problem, but the moisture […]

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