Redemption for Waterford’s Matt Irvine

As journalists, we’re not supposed to route for the teams we cover. We’re meant to be objective observers who report and analyze events without playing favorites. But when you cover a group of athletes for long enough, one can’t help but grow a little fond of them. This fall, I covered several Waterford High School football games, and got to know coach Mike Ellis and senior Davonta Valentine. I also got to spend a good deal of time with the family of basketball player Nolan Long.

I’d never stand up and cheer at a game I’m covering, but when a local team goes up against an out-of-area school in the state playoffs, it’s only natural to want to see your local team succeed. I had been to three Waterford basketball games this year, and they had lost all of them, including the league semifinal when senior Matt Irvine missed a potential game-winner at the buzzer.

Things finally went Waterford’s way in the opening round of the state playoffs against Middletown, and Irvine was a big part of their success, scoring all of his ten points coming off the bench in the last ten minutes of the game.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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