90 is the new 70

This started as a portrait project, but turned into something more. The Day photographer Abigail Pheiffer started on a project to shoot portraits of local people in their 90s who still lived a vibrant, active lifestyle. It expanded to include a series of stories by reporter Kenton Robinson. As the project was winding down, someone lamented the lack of an online component. In the early stages, there were plans for an audio slideshow, but at least one person was uncomfortable being recorded.

In talking about the project, one of our editors was taken by the passion displayed by both Kenton and Abby when talking about this project. When each of them returned to the newsroom after an interview or a portrait shoot, they were so full of enthusiasm. Someone suggested we should try to capture that enthusiasm.

I ended up shooting brief interviews with Kenton and Abby in our photo studio, and tagged along with Abby on one of her portrait shoots. I mixed this together with Abby’s photographs and her recording of two of her subjects playing the piano.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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