‘The Deaf Kid Who Played Rock ‘N’ Roll’

Derek Berube had a list of things he wanted to do in his life. Chief among them was to make a professional recording of the songs he had written. Derek was deaf, but could play the guitar with tremendous skill. He suffered a serious eye injury at work, and was having trouble with his insurance company. Eye surgery forced a change in his medications, which caused his Crohn’s disease to return. He used music as an outlet, writing songs that detailed his experiences. Derek died before he could record any of the songs, so his father Dan is working to fulfill that wish.

Read the story by Joe Wojtas



6 thoughts on “‘The Deaf Kid Who Played Rock ‘N’ Roll’

  1. Wow. That ending blew me away. You are so talented. … I’m a writer who has started doing videos for my paper. What has made me better as a writer is to read great stuff. So this is what I’m trying to do with video, and I found your site.
    I’ll be back.
    (Loved the vampires and Mystic Pizza videos, too. Can’t wait to see more.)
    Colleen Kenney
    Lincoln Journal Star

  2. Very touching storytelling, Peter. Is that you on the voice-over? The tone of that really added to the mood.

    1. Thanks Roman, Yes, I did the narration for this one. Good voice-over is a skill that I’m not sure I’ve mastered yet, but hopefully I’m getting better with each new one.

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