Montville 35, East Lyme 13 (Glad I brought the rain cover)

The forecast for Friday night was for mild temperatures (for November) and a 10% chance of precipitation. The weather was similarly foggy the previous week for the Montville at New London game. I had brought my jacket and the camera’s rain cover, which just added bulk to my waist pack. What I really needed for that game was a towel, as the fog kept condensing on my lens.

For this week’s game, I brought a jacket and a towel to the field, leaving my rain cover in the car. Well, the fog turned to mist, which turned to a light rain. I ended up shooting most of the first half with the towel draped over my camera. I had to retreat to my car at half time for the rain cover. Just proves that when I leave something in the trunk, it will turn out that I really need it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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